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Top activities in South Australia

Top activities in South Australia

Known for gorgeous scenery and delectable wineries, South Australia is also host to a number of festivals and other exciting activities to entertain singles, families, couples of large groups. So pick up a rental car in Glenelg and head to the following:

1. Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under is a large-scale cycling event held in South Australia every year. Staged in late January 2017, the Tour is in its 19th year of operation, and draws crowds and competitors from all over the country - and world! Follow the brave cyclists as they tackle the SA heat across 3 days and 3 stages, covering gruelling terrain and testing their physical boundaries. Spectacular to watch, even more so if you are holding a glass of crisp cold white!

2. Clipsal 500

An annual festival not to be missed by Supercar lovers, the Clipsal 500 is also celebrating 19 years in South Australia. Watch the high octane action unfold in Adelaide's east, marvel at the skills of the daredevil drivers, and rejoice in the warp speeds as supercars navigate impossible curves and come seconds from disaster. A spectator sport if there ever was one, the Clipsal 500 attracts tourists from around the nation, meaning you're sure to find some new best friends to bond with.

3. Fringe Festival

Many don't realise that Adelaide is one of Australia's cultural capitals. Its world-beating fringe festival (well, not exactly world-beating, as it is only the SECOND largest Fringe Festival worldwide!) is a true spectacle of the arts. Music, theatre, dance, live art, comedy... Whatever you are into, the Fringe is sure to deliver. First staged in 1960, the Adelaide Fringe has skyrocketed in size and popularity, and now offers the artistically inclined an absolute mecca of entertainment. Due to be staged in January/February 2018, it is sure to sell out - so book your Glenelg rental and lock it in your diary today! 

4. WOMADelaide

Finally, WOMADelaide is the final must-see for tourists in SA. 4 days of cultural entertainment hosted in beautiful Botanic Park, WOMADelaide truly symbolises the best the state has to offer. March 2017 marked the festivals 25th year of operation, and it only gains strength and popularity over time. Renting a car in Adelaide will allow you the freedom to explore all WOMADelaid has to offer!

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