Mechanical Service

We endevour to carry out servicing and repairs as promptly and efficiently as possible.

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Air Conditioning

Wise Automotive performs servicing and repairs promptly and efficiently 

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Hire Cars Available

Wise Automotive has hire cars available for your convenience, to keep you on the road due to our busy lifestyles.

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Service Hints

Remember I am always available to check tyre pressures, oil levels, replace globes, wiper blades

Oil levels need to be checked once a month even if it is a newish car they do use oil.

Check coolant level once a month at same time, remember coolants have different chemicals in them and when mixed can gel and clog up your cooling system, only add water, distilled if you have got some, but tap is ok

Tyre pressures are really important, too low and it can increase fuel consumption, wear out tyres, and can really be dangerous when turning or braking. Too high, they are rated to a maximum pressure and if exceeded can blow out. Normal car tyres are about 32 psi off road and commercial tyres can go up to 40psi. Max pressure is usually written on side of tyre

Check your lights every now and then. Police are starting to fine people for lights not working; at night is a good time to check them

For more information about the services we offer, why not get in touch with us today?

Why Us?

  • Conveniently Placed
  • Reliable Service
  • 30 years experince
  • Quick and efficient

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Mechanical Services