Mechanical Service

We endevour to carry out servicing and repairs as promptly and efficiently as possible.

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Air Conditioning

Wise Automotive performs servicing and repairs promptly and efficiently 

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Hire Cars Available

Wise Automotive has hire cars available for your convenience, to keep you on the road due to our busy lifestyles.

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LPG Servicing

Many LPG systems require periodic tuning and maintenance. This requirement can vary between systems, with some systems seeming to run better for longer. This factor is also influenced by the type of vehicle you have in addition to the system fitted. Wise Automotive utilises the latest LPG analyser to aid in accurately adjusting the system; ensuring it runs at optimum efficiency for as long as possible.

Several issues which may result in an LPG system losing efficiency and requiring repair include;

  1. Too lean – this can cause hard starting, poor idling and poor acceleration. It can also contribute to backfiring.
  2. Too rich – this can cause hard starting and excessive fuel consumption, resulting in increased costs at the pump.
  3. Poor ignition system – LPG systems have been blamed for countless backfiring problems, when 99% of the time worn spark plugs, old spark plug leads, or weak/ inoperative coils are to blame. We stock only quality spark plugs (e.g., NGK) and superior leads (e.g., AMR gas master leads) as experience has shown us these are far superior to standard leads.

Unfortunately everything does wear out and LPG convertors can eventually fail. When purchasing an LPG converter, you can expect a life of up to 10 years. Wise Automotive is equipped to replace your old LPG converter with the most appropriate converter currently available to suit your car. This cost averages $350 (approx.) and also includes a subsequent tune after it has been fitted.

Finally, by law all LPG tanks are required to be tested every 10 years. We can work with you to assist you in meeting this legal obligation by testing your tank, as required.

Why Us?

  • Conveniently Placed
  • Reliable Service
  • 30 years experince
  • Quick and efficient

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Mechanical Services